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Heroes Holiday Programme

We're thrilled to partner with Walsall Council to offer the Heroes Holiday Programme (HAF), providing an exciting and enriching experience for children during school breaks. Our collaborative effort ensures a diverse range of engaging activities that promote fun, learning, and social interaction. From creative arts and sports to educational workshops, the Heroes Holiday Programme offers something for every child to enjoy. With a focus on safety and quality, parents can trust that their children are in good hands while they explore, learn, and make lasting memories with us.

Meet The Manager

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Idris Hanif

Education is at the heart of everything that we do at Heroes Centre Limited. Led by our dedicated manager, Idris Hanif, our team of qualified teachers provide personalised education to students. We believe that everyone has the potential to be a hero and we're committed to help them achieve their goals.

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Christmas 2022

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Easter 2023

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Summer 2023

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October 2023

The Plan

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October Holiday Programme

January 2024 Holiday Programme

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