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11+ Mocks

11+ Mocks Timetable

1 - 21st January (GONE)

2 - 24th February (GONE) 

3 - 24th March 5pm-7pm (GONE)

4 - 28th April 5pm-7pm (GONE)

5 - 26th May 5pm-7pm (GONE)

6 - 30th June 5pm-7pm (GONE)

7 - 28th July 1pm-3pm (GONE)

8 - 11th August 1pm-3pm

9 - 25th August 1pm-3pm

10 - 8th September 5pm-7pm

Heroes provides mocks for the 11+ grammar school exam. The exams take place at Heroes Centre Walsall, Bentley Lane, WS2 8TL.

The exam consists of 25 minutes of English and 25 minutes of VR. There is a short break. Then 25 minutes of Maths and 25 minutes of NVR.

Exams are marked and feedback is provided by Heroes Centre Staff.

If unable to attend any of the times or dates listed above please contact us.

11+ Mocks Package

If you wish to attend all 9 remaining mocks, purchase this package. Discount is available for Heroes Tuition student. 

Individual Mocks

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